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Beginner’s Guide: How to Take Care of Pet Frogs

Getting a frog as a pet is not easy as getting a dog or a cat. Although frogs do not demand your attention unlike dogs and cats do, they still require proper care. And to find out how to take care of a pet frog, continue reading this.

Frogs can make a good pet, but you need to consider a few things, including proper feeding and handling.

So, how do you take care of pet frogs? 

  1. Get familiar with your frog

To understand pet frogs better, you need to read more about them. You need o know about their diet, habitat, restrictions, and more. If you are currently planning to have a frog as a pet, here are a few great options for beginners:

  • American bullfrogs are one of the popular frogs to own as pets. Although they have a voracious appetite, they are fun to own.
  • Pacman frogs are large terrestrial frogs with odd features, similar to a game called “Pacman”. It has a large and round-shaped mouth. These frogs have a sedentary lifestyle, so they require low maintenance. 
  •  White’s tree frogs are the easiest tree frogs to take care of. They are active, easy to feed, and can tolerate human handling.
  • African dwarf frogs are small and active frogs. Similar to tree frogs, the African dwarf frogs are also the easiest frogs for beginners to take care of. Plus, these frogs do not eat live food or special need enclosure with aquatic preferences.
  1. Know your frog’s size and space requirements

Knowing the size of the fully-grown frog you are planning to own will help you determine the size of its enclosure or tank. So, when choosing its home, make sure you know how big it will become when it reaches maturity.

Just take note, the larger the frog becomes, the bigger the size and space it needs for its enclosure.

  1.  Know the frog’s diet

Frogs have different diets and feeding schedules.

Baby frogs are fed with small prey. They require feeding twice a day with 5 to 10 insects per feeding. Baby frogs have a high metabolism and must be fed at least twice a day for their continuing growth.

Check these baby foods for baby frogs:

  • Ants
  • Mosquitoes
  • Redworms
  • Gnats
  • Fruit flies

Adult frogs eat 2 to 3 times per week, depending on their size. Generally, the smaller the adult frog is, the frequent it needs to eat, and the larger the pet frog is, the lesser they need feeding.

Check these adult frog foods:

  • Crickets
  • Mealworms
  • Grasshoppers
  • Brine shrimp
  • Locusts, 
  • Pinky mice
  • Fuzzy mice

When feeding your adult frog, make sure the prey is not oversize. The size of their food should not be bigger than the size between their eyes. 

The Don’ts When Feeding Frogs

  • Do not feed your frogs with human food because it may contain spices and preservatives harmful to frogs.
  • Do not feed your frogs with wild-caught prey and fruits.
  • Do not feed them with food more than what is recommended.
  1.  Create the right habitat for your frog

The frog’s enclosure is different from the usual dog and cat cage; the former has requirements.

  • You should know what type of tank you need for your frog.
  • You should know where the best area to place the tank is.
  • You need to use substrate material as the ground inside the tank.
  • You should know the right temperature and lighting inside the frog’s tank.
  • You should add furniture for your frog’s habitat.
  1.  Ensure a yearly visit to the vet

Make sure to bring your frog to the vet every year to ensure they are healthy.

A Guide to Choosing a Commercial Coffee Machine

Starting any business is exciting, and a new cafe venture is no different. Your leading revenue source will be coffee, so you need to make sure you have the correct coffee machine to suit your business. There are plenty of considerations to make including the material, the type of machine, and whether you’ll buy or lease. Each choice you make will yield different benefits, so you need to think about it properly. Having the wrong coffee machine will leave you with a bad product that will drive away business. Continue reading to find out how to make the right choice.

Create a Budget

You need to make a budget before you dive onto Google and start pulling up coffee machines. Typically, a commercial coffee machine will cost you in excess of several thousand pounds, depending on the capacity and brand. Like everything in life, you get what you pay for when it comes to coffee machines. Fortunately, there are things you can do to reduce the cost including financing options and leasing arrangements. Regardless of how you acquire the coffee machine, you need to know exactly what you can afford.

The Correct Type of Coffee Machine

Choosing the right type of coffee machine will depend largely on whether you are going to have a professional barista serving the coffee. If you are hiring a trained barista, you should opt for a traditional coffee machine. Alternatively, if you can’t afford to hire a trained barista, you should opt for a bean to cup machine. Typically, customers prefer a coffee made from a traditional coffee machine. This is because it’s handcrafted and puts care into the product.

No matter which option you choose, you will find a range of options to choose from at Bibium.

Do You Need a Multi-Boiler Coffee Machine?

The key to great coffee is a consistent temperature, which will be managed differently depending on the coffee machine. A great option is to invest in a multi-boiler coffee machine. Your machine will last longer, and you will have great coffee poured all day long.

How Many Group Heads

The group heads are the number of nozzles that the boiled water comes from. This decision will be based entirely on your projection. As a rule, if you’re making up to 150 cups of coffee daily, you should get a two-group compact machine. If you’re making up to 250 cups consistently, you need to invest in a two-group standard coffee machine. For business owners expecting to make 250 to 350 cups daily, you should get a three-group coffee machine.

Metal or Plastic

There are lots of components on coffee machines, and you can get them in metal and plastic. Typically, the cheaper coffee machines will have plastic parts that won’t last that long. Alternatively, metal parts will be stronger but cost more money.

To Lease or to Buy?

Buying a coffee machine means letting go of a lot of capital in one go, which can put you at a disadvantage when cash is limited. When you buy, you will be left with your machine and must pay for any repairs. Alternatively, leasing a coffee machine will mean paying affordable monthly payments and not having to worry about breakdowns and finding upgrades.

A quality coffee machine is important for any cafe because it produces your primary source of revenue. There are hundreds of options out there, which makes it an overwhelming world to navigate. Deciding on a coffee machine means making business projections, choosing which staff to hire, and whether or not you’d like to lease or buy.

4 Tips to Help You Buy Health Supplements Online

There are hundreds of supplements on the market, meaning that you can easily find the exact supplement you need. However, you need to ensure that you protect yourself from deceitful companies and only purchase supplements that are beneficial and not harmful in any way. So, how do you go about doing both? In this guide on how to buy supplements online, we will explain how.

Read the Label and Ingredients List

It is important that you always check the label or the product description of a supplement before you buy it. The two reasons for doing this are so that you find out which ingredients, filler and additives are included in the product, and to learn the amounts of the active ingredients in the supplement.

Also check whether the supplement uses any animal ingredients or ingredients that you may be allergic to. If you are worried about synthetic products and chemicals, go with a vegan supplement. These usually contain fewer synthetic products, fillers and additives.

Research the Companies and Their Products

It is very important that you find as much information as you can about any supplement companies and brands you are interested in. When doing your research, try to find out how the company and its products are perceived in the larger supplement community. You may find that they have great products that people love, the company has had some issues in the past, or their products have serious side effects that you should know about.

In-depth review sites will be an important resource for you, especially if they come from an unbiased source. These in-depth reviews, such as this OPMS review on a kratom supplement tea brand, break down everything you need to know about the supplement company and all its products.

These reviewers have tried the products and know everything there is to know about them. Try to use at least three in-depth review sources before buying as a supplement or trusting a supplement company so you have a better understanding of the company and its supplements.

Capsules Vs. Tablets

Supplements often come as either capsules or tablets. Tablets often contain extra ingredients such as binding agents and coloring agents. Tablets can also be harder to swallow for some people, a problem that capsules do not come with. Additionally, capsules do not contain extra ingredients meaning they are as close to the purest form of the supplement as possible.

One thing to note, however, is that capsules are made out of gelatin. Because this is an animal product, they might not always be the right option for vegans. That said, there are supplements that use vegan ingredients; you just have to find them.

Do Some Comparison Shopping

Once you have a few supplement brands to choose from, do some comparison shopping. This is where you check the terms of the purchase such as bulk discounts, free shipping, and money-back guarantees.

Buying supplements online does not have to be complicated, but it sometimes is. A lot of research and patience is required to ensure you end up with the best health supplements.

Give your Jewelry the VIP Treatment

Nowadays, people are fond of collecting stuff, or are planning to start collecting objects which are of great interest for them. We can’t blame them; the objects that they collect are probably depictions, like figurines, action figures, merchandise, and other memorabilia. Aside from gathering stuff, enthusiasts also have ways to showcase their collections to the world, perhaps to show their dedication. The same situation also applies to many people who own jewelry.

Whether the pieces are expensive, have sentimental value, or simply being an invaluable family heirloom, they are a precious bunch that deserves a great place in your household. If you still don’t have one, you better get a jewelry box. Such a box can help you keep your jewelry safe and clean, and display your pieces in fascinating ways. The boxes that do these jobs well come from none other than My Treasure Box.

The My Treasure Box

Presenting itself as the premier source of jewelry and watch boxes in Australia, My Treasure Box has strong reasons for the claim; their wares are arguably the best deals that you could find around, and My Treasure Box places a strong emphasis on delivering a high standard on personalized customer service. The jewelry boxes have been designed with the various preferences of customers in mind, and their functionality is never off; some can even double as watch boxes and containers for precious personal effects.

As mentioned, the designs cover a wide range of styles: from vintage to modern, and from the small Casa Uno Bicast Leather Jewelry Box to the large Cambridge Jewelry box, it’s pretty unlikely that you, when you go to look for a box that you’ll be using for your prized collection, won’t be placing an order from My Treasure Box.

You might be wondering: why should you look for jewelry boxes online first? It all boils down to the convenience of doing so. My Treasure Box knows that how you store your jewelry is as precious as your collection itself, so the store offers you a peace of mind when you buy from them by offering fast and free insured shipping on all of your orders with a 30-day Easy Return process.

Not only that they’ll be taking steps to make sure that your order gets to you in one piece, they’ll also do it fast; they have quite a number of warehouses across Australia that will ensure that your order will have a speedy trip from them to you! To add to the convenience that My Treasure Box affords their customers, they can also accept payments in secure channels to ensure your security, such as payment through all cards, PayPal, or Apple Pay. You can also opt to pay at a later date with ZipMoney.

Their Easy Return process allows you to return your order back to My Treasure Box for a full refund or replacement, unlikely as it may seem as their products are setting the standards for what jewelry boxes must be. This is yet another perk of transacting with My Treasure Box that puts the preferences of their customers first.

Your collection of jewelry pieces is precious, and My Treasure Box understands you so well. Now that you know where to get help in storing your treasured pieces, get one today from My Treasure Box and get your collection a home that it deserves.

Fun Activities for Teenagers to Do During Summer

Ah, Summertime! Your family might go all out for some summer fun by planning a fun getaway that your teen will be excited to tell their friends about and to show off photos on social media. Sometimes, staying at home during the summer ends up being the best for whatever reason the parents might have. No matter if you spend some of the summer abroad or the entire seasons, there is still going to be a period of time where your family is at home and your teen may be getting cabin fever from staying inside and bored during the hot summer days.

If you’re looking for a way to help your teen spend their time in a fun, active and constructive way to combat the boredom, check out this list of fun summer activities that your teenager will actually want to do (and that won’t be met with an eye roll and a, “that’s lame, mom,”).

Get Out in Nature

No matter what part of the country you live in, there’s surely something nearby that would entice the family to go out and explore. Even if you don’t know of any particularly amazing locations nearby, the fun is in the adventure, and you can all go out and explore the woods, mountains, lakes and other natural spots to see what you can see. Who knows? Maybe you’ll come upon a creek or a hidden waterfall that you’ll want to splash around in.

New Room, New You

Take your kid shopping for some new decor for their space. Teenagers love to be able to express themselves through what they plaster onto the walls and hang from the ceiling, and you can give them a fun, productive project that will revitalize their space and have them leading into the new school year with a new start at home, too.

Sky High

For decades now, trampolines have been a fun activity that kids of all ages can enjoy, whether they are small or are reaching the end of their high school years. Trampolines never fail to make people laugh, and with all of the games that you can play on one, they never get boring. There’s something weirdly satisfying about jumping and flying up into the air, and your teenager is sure to agree. Get them out on the trampoline this summer and help them burn off some of that excess energy while also getting in a little exercise to counteract that screen time.

Indoor or Yard Darts

Darts is a game that never really gets old and it goes great with some loud summertime music, lemonade and good family and friends. Darts take a little skill to play right and can inspire some healthy competition between your teens for that reason. They’re also a good way to keep their friends entertained when they come over for the night. Make sure to get a the best dart board for 301 and other similar games.

Teens are all unique and different, and the things that they think are fun will vary greatly. This list is comprised of activities that are sure to suit the preferences of teens everywhere, so you can stave off their summertime boredom with ease.

Top Unhealthy Things You Should Stop Doing Before Bed

Are you having trouble falling asleep?

Insomnia is not always the culprit; if you think you are suffering from insomnia, you should start consulting the experts, because there are just certain unhealthy activities that cause restful sleep so difficult.

Here are a few top unhealthy things that maybe you are unknowingly doing before bed:

1. Using electronic devices

Admit it, the last thing you do before bedtime is checking your phone for new SMS or checking your social media account – it is unhealthy. According to the experts, the blue lights that are emitted from smartphones, TV, computers, and tablets prevent the production of melatonin – an essential hormone that makes you feel sleepy. So, if you want to easily fall asleep, stop using your phone 30 minutes to an hour before bedtime.

2. Working before bedtime

Sometimes it is unavoidable to bring your work at home; however, you should never do it so often because aside from it is socially unhealthy, bringing your work at home will only create a bigger space for work-related stress, which will cause you difficulties when trying to relax and unwind, especially during bedtime.

Bringing your work at home and doing it before your usual bedtime will only keep you awake due to the deadline that you need to meet. Remember that your mind needs to relax more often to avoid problems with mental health.

3. Drinking caffeinated beverages

Coffee and soda drinks are a few popular drinks that will make you alert. Drinking either of the two beverages before bedtime will ruin your sleep. No matter how hard you try counting sheep, drinking caffeinated beverages will keep you awake the whole night.

4. Consuming heavy meal

Eating heavy meal prior to bedtime is a big NO-NO”; not only that it is unhealthy, but it can also cause digestion problems that may interrupt your sleep. Also, according to the experts eating less than 3 hours before bedtime will increase your risk of acquiring acid reflux.

5. Drinking a lot of liquid too close to bedtime

Drinking water before bedtime provides several benefits; however, drinking too much too close to your bedtime can disrupt your sleep and may negatively cause a problem to your cardiovascular health. If you are having a hard time sleeping, do not drink too much water before hitting the sack.

6. Unresolved fights

Arguing with any of your family member, a friend, or your special someone before bedtime will hinder you to have a good sleep. Sleeping angry can harm your body emotionally, mentally, and physically; thus, it may negatively impact your sleep pattern. So, before going to sleep try to resolve fights, sooner as possible.

Final Thoughts

Sleep is important to the development of the human body – mentally, emotionally, and physically. If you are having problems falling asleep, try to get comfortable by:

•    Preparing your bed well
•    Choose the right light
•    Use a comfortable sleep mask
•    Have a healthy lifestyle

Insomnia isn’t always the reason why you are unable to sleep well at night; it could be your habits before bedtime that hinders a good night sleep.

Tips for Online Businesses on How to Get Positive Reviews from Customers

The market is no longer limited to a specific area and people. Today, the center stage of the business and market industry is the internet. Entrepreneurs and customers can now communicate and create transactions online. This development is the reason behind the rise of online businesses.

Online business is becoming more popular these days. Customers prefer to transact or shop items through the virtual market. It is more convenient and less time-consuming. Moreover, you can avail great discounts while online shopping. It is one of the many reasons why entrepreneurs are attracted to venture in online business.

Although online business is trending, not all entrepreneurs who venture on this industry end up successful. Unfortunately, there are small online businesses who fail due to one reason. And that is poor customer reviews.

Customer reviews have a huge influence on target audiences. It can affect on how the potential customer would respond to the existing reviews.

In most cases, people believe customer reviews as true and rely on it as a source of information.  Therefore, if your online business has a heap of poor customer reviews, plan out a strategy to earn back their trust.

If you are selling items on Amazon, chances are the existing reviews of your product remains posted underneath your item. You could never delete a customer review in an online market. Hence, you have to improve your business reputation to gain positive feedbacks. Here are some details on getting customer reviews on Amazon to boost your business reputation.

#1 Customer Service

The first thing you have to do is improve your business’ customer service. You need to talk to your customers and respond to their message despite their rude comments on your business. Show them that they can still trust you by offering quality customer service. You can strengthen your customer service by using several methods such as communicating with customers via social media, forums, and contact options.

#2 Optimize Content

There are online businesses that focus on posting blogs many as they can rather than checking the quality and originality of the content. The content you place on your website or in Amazon has a great impact on customer’s first impression. Gain their trust by posting quality content with reliable information. Avoid posting blogs for the sake of creating more content about your business.

#3 Respond to Every Customer Reviews

One mistake that most online business commit is not responding to poor customer reviews; if a client gives them a one star, they tend to ignore the rating as well as the comments.

A smart entrepreneur will never do this. You have to respond to every review no matter what the customer is talking about your products or services. Be open-minded and professional when responding to poor reviews. You’ve got to use it as a basis for development. As the saying goes, there is always room for improvement.

The above info is simple ways to earn positive reviews. If you want to learn more ideas on how to get high ratings from customers, find out here at Home Business, your guide to managing E-commerce.

Why Protecting Yourself Online is Important for Any Writer

Technology has really made our lives easier for the most part. For example, the gift of internet has made the exchange of information rather easier. The data that is made available in the internet is staggering. In fact, we find it harder to live without the internet with each passing year. More and more of our much needed services are made better by internet, and by technology as a whole.

Another concrete example of the internet’s profound effect on us is the way article writers do their job. In days past, a typical writer would bang away on typewriters day in and day out. The modern computer changed that but writers are still chained to their offices for the most part. The internet change all of that. The internet enabled writers to work at home (or anywhere else) because said technology, as expressed above, enabled an easier mode to exchange information. Webpages also changed the mode of “publication” too. As of the moment, webpages are still threatening traditional modes of media.

Dangers of the Internet

The internet is one of the most revolutionary human inventions that graced our kind. As mentioned, the internet has made formerly hard tasks into easy and mundane ones. Of note is the nature of openness that so pervades the internet. It means that anyone with the proper device and the proper connection can access the said network. However, it is this openness that endangers its users.

News of hackers and viruses has inundated the airwaves. Simple viruses can be handled by free antivirus tools but the more malicious ones are harder to handle. The most difficult ones are purposely used by hackers who want to access sensitive data, mainly the private data of internet users to sell in black markets. But these aren’t the most dangerous ones. 

To be sure, hackers and viruses are to be feared, especially if you’re work revolves around the internet. Writers which rely on the internet must guard themselves against said threats. Although, most computer viruses can be handled by more powerful antivirus tools and hackers are only dangerous if you’re specifically targeted. A hacker employing tools for a bigger target area easier to be exposed.

The biggest threats, presently, to writers and alike who rely on the internet, are the big organizations that collects data. Some nation governments are collecting data upon their citizens in order to check for any subversive elements. Some are doing so to preempt any national risk. Big software corporations are also using the data gleaned from users in order to feed said users with the fitting ads. Although benign, this sort of mass eavesdropping is still a bit creepy.

Protection for Writers

All’s not lost. Writers and others can still enact measures to protect their data and their articles. For one, writers can use technology that greatly eschews the internet. While this would involve backward technology, the benefits of going “out of the grid” is undeniable. This technique is best used in the minimum so as not to interrupt your workflow and must be limited to sensitive data and other usages.

One of the best tools to combat data sniffers is the use of Virtual Private Networks or VPN’s. VPN’s give users a private connection that protects said users from outside prying eyes. Basically, a VPN will give users a connection that is largely unreachable by those who seek to know the contents of data funneled through said networks. There are a multitude of choices when it comes to VPN’s. It’s always better to get the more powerful VPNS in order to protect your data and your privacy.

How to Effectively Prepare For A Live Guitar Performance

preparing for a live performance

Performing is no joke; whether it’s for an MMA match or a guitar solo concert, it’s still nerve wracking. Unless you are an artist who has been in the live music industry for many years, you’ll definitely need to do a lot of preparations to ensure the success of your performance. Even professional artists do not skip the essential preparations for their respective events.

The truth is that it is not enough to just practice a night or two before the day of the event; this will only put more pressure on you as your body will try to adjust faster than it should. Hence, it is best to do the preparations at least weeks beforehand. In much bigger events, guitar players may even spend months perfecting their performances.

In this article, we will be tackling about the different preparations that most musicians go for prior to performing in an important live event. These preparatory rules are not absolute nor are they compulsory; at the end of the day, use only those which work best for you.


Practice the songs

With the final list of songs you’ll play, take some time to play each and every one of it; not just half of the song but the entire song. In this way, you’ll be able to have a feel of what it’s like to perform the whole piece. This will aid in keeping you consistent even up to the day of your performance.

Simulate your performance

Do not just boringly practice your guitar performance in a way that is different than how the actual situation will be. The most effective way of practicing is by simulating the performance you expect to do. For instance, if your performance will entail a lot of movements from one place to another, you might as well practice this so that you will get the hang of it.

Take note of your common mistakes

During your practices, you will be able to determine the common mistakes you encounter for each guitar piece you play. Literally, take note of these and focus on improving. You might want to shed extra effort in these parts during your practices

guitar equipment

Choose your equipment properly

Make sure you are comfortable when it comes to handling the guitar and other necessary equipment you will be using for your practice and your actual performance. Choosing amplifiers may confuse you since modeling amps compared to each other might entail a head-aching decision. The key is to stick with whatever you are comfortable with.

Finalize and test equipment

Usually, a good musician or guitarist is determined by his consistency. Consistency is the key to successful performances. If, during your practices, you’re able to play well without any serious mistakes, strive to maintain this consistency even as you get up on stage. Basically, the best way to be consistent is to ensure that your practices and the actual performance are more or less considerate of the same factors. Thus, the equipment you use during practices should and must be the same equipment you’ll use in the actual event. That said, you must finalize and consistently test your equipment.

Do your personal rituals.

Although not really applicable to everyone, many musicians, guitarists, and other performers do some form of ritual that will correctly set their system for an upcoming stressful event such as a live performance. Even on the day of the event, some may need to do some unique things just so they can mentally prepare themselves for what’s about to come.


What Writers Can Learn From MMA Fighters

Since the “in your face” burst of Ultimate Fighting Championship following the first season of the Ultimate Fighter launched the organization into mainstream status, the UFC has traditionally allocated certain weekends for major fight cards each year.

You can almost always count on the fact that Super Bowl, New Years, and Memorial Day weekends will play host to a major fight card. Obviously some cards have been better than others but for the most part each card has lived up to the hype that it was given.

This weekend in an all heavyweight main card as UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos will defend for the first time since winning the belt from Cain Velasquez in November of last year. Former champion Frank Mir will look to obtain the gold that once sat around his waist.

But is that star-studded heavyweight lineup the best the UFC has presented their fans with over the years? You be the judge.

Last year, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Matt “the Hammer” Hamill headlined the holiday weekends. It was not the most entertaining fight to date but nonetheless the UFC scheduled the fight for one of their biggest weekends believing that Rampage would be a big draw.

Rampage fought two other times at the unofficial start of summer, once defeating UFC Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell to be crowned the UFC’s light heavyweight champion in 2007, and then in 2010 he dropped a unanimous decision loss to Rashad Evans.

Both were big money makers for the UFC so it only made sense to send Jackson up for a third headlining event against Hamill. Evans lost his light heavyweight title to Lyoto Machida on May 23, 2009, never having the chance to successfully defend his title after winning it from Forrest Griffin the year before. At UFC 84 “Ill Will” future hall of famer the B.J. Penn defeated Sean Sherk, retaining his lightweight strap. For more info about the bout check out US Combat Sport’s glove review. 

Could any fight have been bigger than to pair the two legends against one another, when the first UFC champion in history came out of retirement to take on arguably the best welterweight champion of all time in Matt Hughes? Royce Gracie was responsible for putting the UFC and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu on the map in the United States and he put it all on the line but Hughes made short work of Gracie ending the fight in the first round.

So, which was the biggest or best fight card to date? Will tomorrow night’s UFC 146 take the cake or was there another one that stood out in your mind?