The Big Book of Baby Animal Butts


Say what? Hey, if books on animal poop can become best sellers, why not one featuring baby animal butts?

Perfect for animal lovers, The Book of Baby Animal Butts provides a winning combination of animal and derrière humor. This one-of-a-kind book contains a menagerie of little animal butts featuring bubble captions with witty comments on everything rear-related. The Book of Baby Animal Butts makes a great gift. Hilarious color photographs of the cutest and funniest baby animal butts around means many happy endings.

About the Author

Myrsini Stephanides has always been fascinated with animals, ever since her parents took her to Africa on a safari at the tender and impressionable age of 14. Stephanides shares her New York apartment with her two cats (Zooey and Tigger), and three ferrets (Rupert, Delilah, and Bill). This is her first book.

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