Digital Photography


A Step-by-Step Visual Guide To Taking Great Photographs and Digitally Enhancing Them Using Photoshop

A unique approach to a hot subject – digital photography and Photoshop. The only book that shows you how to do it: pictures first, words second.

Michael Wright argues that words spoil most photography books, which are overcomplicated by too much text. It should, he continues, be possible to understand the sequence of events in a photographic or computer process without having to read the text. Photography is a visual process, and the best way to get it across, simply and easily, is visually. We rose to that challenge in the design of this book. We took out everything that wasn’t absolutely essential, and illustrated every conceivable step; and it has proved to be remarkably effective. We applied this approach to all areas of digital photography, from composing and taking the shot in the first place, to manipulating the image on a computer, using either Photoshop Elements or Photoshop 7. The result: a completely unique guide to digital photography.

About the Author

Michael Wright is a photographer and artist who teaches art and photography at Hertfordshire University in the UK. He is the author of three books: the forthcoming Step by Step Digital Family Photographs (Ilex), An Introduction to Mixed Media, An Introduction to Pastels (both DK).

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