The Fastest and Easiest Way to Get to Gili Islands from Bali

The number of international tourists in Gilis dropped at a significant percentage at the end of 2018 because of the devastating earthquake that hit Lombok and the Gili Islands. The island chain is gradually stepping up and recovering from the disaster. By half of 2019, the number of tourists coming to the island greatly increased. According to tourism operations, Lombok, and the Gilis 90% of tourism operations on these locations were back. And in 2020, it is expected that the Gilis has already recovered, especially Trawangan.

Today, the Gili Islands chain is back on its feet. Tourists are now coming back to the islands. If you want to experience a romantic holiday with your partner, Gili Meno has spectacular sceneries. And if you want to be like the locals, have fun with them, and with other tourists, Gili Trawangan has the best nightlife activities. And don’t miss out on the watersport activities at Gili Air. Inasmuch, the Gili Islands has everything to make your vacation memorable, fun, and exciting.

The Best Way to Reach the Gilis

There are three different ways to travel from Bali to the Gilis. You can hire a private charter, ride a public ferry, or take a fast boat. If you want to ride with suave and style, a private charter is the quickest ride to the Gilis. However, renting a private helicopter is too expensive, unless you’ve got enough budget to hire such a ride.

The best option for tourists searching for an affordable ride is a public ferry. It is a lot cheaper to fast boat and private charter. However, you’ll have to endure the heat, crowd, and long travel. It takes approximately two hours to reach the Gilis through public ferry.

Among the above options, the most ideal is riding a fast boat. This transportation is faster compared to a public ferry, but more affordable than hiring a helicopter. Moreover, fast boas are comfortable and less crowded, which is great when you are traveling with a child. The time travel to Gilis from Bali by speed boat takes one hour. Hence, you can get to Gili Islands from Bali quickly with this transportation.

How to Find a Reliable Fast Boat

Several companies offer fast boat rides to the Gilis in Bali. You can easily find one at the harbor. However, booking a fast boat at the location is more difficult, especially during peak season. If you are planning to get a fast boat going to the Gilis, make sure to pre-book online.

To find a fast boat service online, look it up on the web. Choosing a travel company is the trickiest part. To navigate the best option, do plenty of research, and select a fast boat travel company with excellent reviews from clients. Pick out one with great services, value their customer, and transparent payment terms, like the Duck Ferries.


In a nutshell, the fastest and easiest transportation to the Gilis from Bali is by speed boat. And if you’re going to choose such transportation, make sure to select the best option to assure a good service.

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