Marketing Your Self Published Book Online

The success of every business usually relies on how you market your products or services. Keep in mind that it is one of the most fundamental elements that keep the business going.

So now, if you’re an author and you wish to make a journey towards self-publishing, aside from being a good and creative writer, you also need to have adequate knowledge when it comes to marketing.

How can you promote your self-published book?

Generally, there are many ways of promoting your self-published book. It can be done both online or offline but for now, let’s focus on marketing online.

According to statistics, 42% of the world’s population has access to the internet in January 2015. See, with that percentage of internet users imagine how many people you can reach when you increase your online exposure.

Here are some of the strategies you can do online:

Build an Author Website

If you’re a newbie author and you have this greatest desire to become an established one, getting a website is a necessity. Why? Because it would be hard for your readers to build trust with you if you don’t own an author website. Also remember that in order to attract more attention and be liked by your readers, see to it that you make yourself reachable to them. In your website, make sure to have your contact details including your social profiles available for their access. Let them know about you, your passion, bits of your life, how you started your career as an authors and a lot more.


Sending newsletters once or twice every month is a good marketing strategy to let your readers/subscribers remind about you. With newsletters your subscribers get easily informed on important updates about your works and upcoming promotions and events. Services like MailChimp or AWeber can help you in the automation procedure of your Newsletters emails.

Social Media Exposure

Most people now have their very own Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts so it would be advisable that you also reach these people through their social media profiles where they spend some of their time (or perhaps to other people most of their time).

You may create your personal Facebook profile then create a Facebook page to brand yourself as an author. But remember, when you create your social media profiles DON’T just let it rot in the corner but devote at least 25 minutes of your daily time and engage with your readers. See to it that you regularly post some pieces like tips, inspiring quotes, related videos, hold a contest or giveaways, or anything that is interesting to your target readers to increase your page likes.

Be a Guest Author

This is another way to increase your online exposure. Guest blogging is one of the most effective online promotion strategies that work in almost all business niches. With guest blogging, you get to know other authors and they are able to read your ideas.

These are just few of the online activities that you can do to promote yourself as an author and of course your work. Other than these strategies, you may also engage with other authors through forums or through commenting to other authors’ website post. You may also post videos on YouTube like interviews or tips, or start a podcast. The most important thing is that you never limit yourself to just one medium but try various things to increase your knowledge and improve your brand and increase your connections.

Is Self-publishing for you or not?

There are growing number of authors who are getting interested into entering the world of self-publishing. Most of the time, the word “self-publishing” sounds very easy to most authors considering that it’s the greatest hype in the literature industry and lots of authors are achieving success in this field. However, they didn’t know that there are many elements involved and hard work needed even after your book goes live, just like the marketing part. And because you are a self-publisher, YOU got to do a lot of work on the marketing phase if you wanted to get noticed and sell more.

Whether you choose to self-publish or traditionally publish your book, these two ways have their respective pros and cons that relies on the author’s standing in terms of finances, connections and a lot more.

Here are two interesting info-graphics that will give you a quicker look into self-publishing vs traditional publishing and a flowchart that will help you decide which publishing path to choose.



Courtesy of:


Self-Publishing or Traditional Publishing: Which Should You Choose?
Courtesy of: The Write Life

Now, seeing these two infographics about self-publishing and traditional publishing, do you have a general idea on which route to choose?

If your answer is “YES!” then, good to hear that and good luck to your decision.

Self-publishing Guide – Pre-made Book Covers vs Custom-made Book Covers

Whether you’re an author or a typical reader, when looking around the books and eBooks being sold at Amazon or in any book shops in a local area, the first elements we commonly look at is the book cover then the title or the title then the book cover. Normally, we never look directly on what’s on the back description or who the author is. Usually these last two things are noticed after reading the title and glancing the book cover. This is the main reason why self-published authors and publishers should really do their best into coming up a great book cover and a title.

In the world of self-publishing, you as a self-published author can either choose pre-made book cover design or custom made covers but this decision relies of course on your personal choice and your budget.

Why choose custom-made book covers?

If money is not your problem and you really don’t care spending $70 or $500 or more just for the cover, then this option perfectly fits you. Most authors or critiques would really recommend hiring a design professional who can do a custom-made cover for your book. This is to make sure that the output is entirely unique, excellent and can truly give you and the typical readers a wow factor.

Couple of custom-made book cover designers:

  • BookCoverCafe
  • eBookLaunch
  • Marsdorian
  • CreativIndieCovers

When to choose Pre-made book covers?

Pre-made is less-expensive that the custom-made ones. Usually, authors who are on a tight budget would choose designers who do pre-made covers. Although this option is not really recommended by most authors and established authors, yet this option is still better than doing a book cover design on your own or the DIY approach.

Here are couple of pre-made cover designers with impressive designs.

  • ExtendedImagery
  • BeauteBook
  • CoverMyBook
  • CoverTopia

Finding a design professional to do your book cover design

coversThere are thousands and thousands of graphic designers around the world but not all of them are skilled enough to make a professional and great-looking book covers. Although some of them may be considered professional graphic artists, yet are they knowledgeable about the important elements of an ideal book cover in various genre?

When choosing a certain designer, see to it that they have wide experience in designing eBook cover or book covers from various authors and clients. Check their website, their portfolio, about page, client’s testimonials

Lastly, before you commit to them, make sure that you carefully read their package offers and don’t forget to ask questions if anything is not clearly stated on their offer.