Fun Activities for Teenagers to Do During Summer

Ah, Summertime! Your family might go all out for some summer fun by planning a fun getaway that your teen will be excited to tell their friends about and to show off photos on social media. Sometimes, staying at home during the summer ends up being the best for whatever reason the parents might have. No matter if you spend some of the summer abroad or the entire seasons, there is still going to be a period of time where your family is at home and your teen may be getting cabin fever from staying inside and bored during the hot summer days.

If you’re looking for a way to help your teen spend their time in a fun, active and constructive way to combat the boredom, check out this list of fun summer activities that your teenager will actually want to do (and that won’t be met with an eye roll and a, “that’s lame, mom,”).

Get Out in Nature

No matter what part of the country you live in, there’s surely something nearby that would entice the family to go out and explore. Even if you don’t know of any particularly amazing locations nearby, the fun is in the adventure, and you can all go out and explore the woods, mountains, lakes and other natural spots to see what you can see. Who knows? Maybe you’ll come upon a creek or a hidden waterfall that you’ll want to splash around in.

New Room, New You

Take your kid shopping for some new decor for their space. Teenagers love to be able to express themselves through what they plaster onto the walls and hang from the ceiling, and you can give them a fun, productive project that will revitalize their space and have them leading into the new school year with a new start at home, too.

Sky High

For decades now, trampolines have been a fun activity that kids of all ages can enjoy, whether they are small or are reaching the end of their high school years. Trampolines never fail to make people laugh, and with all of the games that you can play on one, they never get boring. There’s something weirdly satisfying about jumping and flying up into the air, and your teenager is sure to agree. Get them out on the trampoline this summer and help them burn off some of that excess energy while also getting in a little exercise to counteract that screen time.

Indoor or Yard Darts

Darts is a game that never really gets old and it goes great with some loud summertime music, lemonade and good family and friends. Darts take a little skill to play right and can inspire some healthy competition between your teens for that reason. They’re also a good way to keep their friends entertained when they come over for the night. Make sure to get a the best dart board for 301 and other similar games.

Teens are all unique and different, and the things that they think are fun will vary greatly. This list is comprised of activities that are sure to suit the preferences of teens everywhere, so you can stave off their summertime boredom with ease.

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