Is Self-publishing for you or not?

There are growing number of authors who are getting interested into entering the world of self-publishing. Most of the time, the word “self-publishing” sounds very easy to most authors considering that it’s the greatest hype in the literature industry and lots of authors are achieving success in this field. However, they didn’t know that there are many elements involved and hard work needed even after your book goes live, just like the marketing part. And because you are a self-publisher, YOU got to do a lot of work on the marketing phase if you wanted to get noticed and sell more.

Whether you choose to self-publish or traditionally publish your book, these two ways have their respective pros and cons that relies on the author’s standing in terms of finances, connections and a lot more.

Here are two interesting info-graphics that will give you a quicker look into self-publishing vs traditional publishing and a flowchart that will help you decide which publishing path to choose.



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Self-Publishing or Traditional Publishing: Which Should You Choose?
Courtesy of: The Write Life

Now, seeing these two infographics about self-publishing and traditional publishing, do you have a general idea on which route to choose?

If your answer is “YES!” then, good to hear that and good luck to your decision.

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