SCARY : A Book of Horrible Things for Kids


A Book So Fun and Informative, it’s Frightening.

MEET HORRIS, the horrifying narrator of SCARY, a nonfiction book for kids on the scarier facts of life. Horris knows all about the gross and gory, and he delivers the gruesome goods, adding his own mix of dark humor and dangerous antics. In SCARY: A Book of Horrible Things for Kids, kids learn fascinating facts about the world’s most poisonous snakes and spiders, read frightening (and true) ghost stories, discover unsolved mysteries, and are privy to Horris’ musings on all things spooky and horrible. Horris’ playful narration is brought to life with dark, detailed, and wonderfully original illustrations. Horris has endless kid appeal and is sure to become a hero to generations of children.

Praise for SCARY

Warning! Readers will experience shivers of delight, followed by uncontrollable bursts of laughter…This is a case where scary means marvelous.”
—Lloyd Alexander, Newbery Award-winning author of The High King and The Black Cauldron

SCARY is simply wonderful. I would have loved it when I was eight, and I love it now.”
—William Sleator, author of Interstellar Pig and The Boy Who Couldn’t Die

SCARY is a wonderful book—beautifully illustrated, handsomely designed, and sure to both delight, fascinate, and titillate middle grade readers (as well as their parents and teachers!). A really impressive debut!”
—Peter Glassman, owner of Books of Wonder, Manhattan’s largest independent bookstore.

A truly innovative, modern book by an author who obviously understands what kids want to read.”
—Lee Littlewood, Kids Home Library

In this oh-so-politically correct world, kids are sheltered way too much. This book puts forth many gross but interesting facts narrated by Horris, a weird, alien being who is able to relate them while still providing young readers a sense of safety. They react as if allowed to partake of delightfully forbidden fruit. We rated this book a score of four hearts and sent it to Book Sense as a Recommended Read.
—Bob Spear, Heartland Reviews

Wonderfully bizarre airbrush style reminds us of Michel Gagné. Really fun images throughout.
—A “Recommended” Book at

SCARY is a book filled with all things spooky and strange, and the narrator is a little ghoul named Horris, who is fond of Rottenberry Pudding. …SCARY is an intelligent and humorous read that should appeal to upper-elementary-grade students. If I were 12 again, this would be the book to read under the covers late at night with a flashlight.”
—Ken Beck,

“…Featuring lurid headings (“Under Cover of Darkness, They Feed”), writhing, toothy computer generated silhouettes on nearly every page and heavily ironic commentary (“What a bunch of fun-loving folks those Romans were!”), this is tailor-made for the legions of cheap-thrills addicts that haunt fourth grades everywhere.
—Kirkus Reviews

About the Author and Illustrator

Joaquín Ramon Herrera is a writer, illustrator, photographer, and self-produced musician with a long history of frightening small children. Visit the author’s website at

About the Narrator

Horris began his career as an imaginary friend, and after a few years of whispering solid advice and giving spooky dreams to children in the Catskill Mountains of New York, he moved on to enter the world of publishing.

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