Selling One’s Engagement Ring After a Failed Relationships and Not Feel Guilty About It

The feelings of being guilty can sometimes eat people alive and quite frankly, it is also a waste of time. When people call off their engagements with their significant others, what happens to the engagement ring afterwards? Should people keep it with them or just get rid of them?

For sure some people will say that it is an insane idea to sell someone’s engagement ring, but if there is no need to proceed with court hearings and if people don’t have any lingering feelings towards their ex-fiancé, instead of just putting aside the engagement ring, it is acceptable to just get rid of it. People will need to hear this often, but please don’t feel guilty about selling it if you are already over the relationship.

Should I Keep the Engagement Ring?

Majority of the people don’t know this, but there are etiquettes which people should follow when it comes to getting rid of their engagement rings. First, if the ring is also an engagement ring of one’s ex-fiancé’s relative, it is only right to return it to the guy. Second, if people plan to proceed with court hearings and cases, there is a need to keep the ring for divorce settlement purposes. Lastly, if people have moved on already with their past relationship, selling an engagement ring which no longer has a meaning won’t be such a big deal.

To those who are just going through the phase, they don’t keep on seeing something which will only remind them of a traumatic experience like a failed relationship or engagement. To start a brand new beginning, it is advisable to get rid of everything which will remind you of that relationship. That is a huge starting step for those who are in the “moving on” phase.

However, there are those who are not comfortable in the idea of selling an engagement ring and that is absolutely understandable; most especially if the ring was made of expensive and sophisticated materials. Many jewellery shops out there offer different types of services which include the reclassification of engagement rings or its stone into other jewellery which people can use without feeling that they are still remembering their failed relationship. The entire process is like turning something negative; a bad experience into something that is beautiful wherein people can learn positive things in life.

To those who are not sure where to start regarding this process of moving on to the next phase of someone’s life, it is highly recommended that they seek the help of a professional or a Jeweller. Shane Thompson, an expert when it comes to marketing pieces of jewellery, especially diamond is here to the rescue.

People may reach him through the webpage SpeedyDiamond. There, people will find ways on how to address their questions regarding what to do with their previous engagement rings; whether to sell it or remake the jewellery into a different item which has a different meaning as well. If people want, they may also start reading articles in the page regarding the experiences of those people who have also gone through the process.

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